Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Still Not Perfect*

I'm retooling P* (again) starting today. The plan is as such: game and likely movie reviews and impressions, 500 words or so each. Trying to keep it short to avoid rants, overly technical discussion, history etcetera if I can help it (not likely). Just how it is and whyI dis/like it.

It'll probably take a few posts for me to get into things and fiddle with the look of this site/work out hosting issues. Good luck with all this.

I just noticed the "Edit Post" window for the blog tool is a fixed size. Maybe instead of looking for 500 words I'll just try and keep each post from filling up the text entry box. Easier than writing and editing in an outside program and copypasting anyways.

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Boris Stoke said...

I think we're stuck in a loop. But then according to Quantum Leap time IS a loop.